Our New Website

Photo by MockupEditor.com on Pexels.com

After many, many months of writing, rewriting, back-and-forths, finalising and refinalising, editing, and proofreading our shiny new Yogabatics website is finally live. All the stress, blood (no actual blood was spilt), sweat, and tears were worth it. We have a site that is much simpler and easier to use than the old one. Obviously it is still in its infancy, so if you stumble across any glaring errors or oversights please drop us an email at: myogapilates@googlemail.com.

All things are relative. We humans are no exception to this maxim, and in fact, this thought has been expanded upon to encompass the idea that, without relationship we are nothing. We can’t be kind to a nonentity, we can’t be more kind than no one. We can’t be strong in the face of nothing. This is a long-winded way of saying that the challenge of getting the website good and finished, or any challenge for that matter, is something to be thankful for. Each obstacle we face is another opportunity to demostrate just who we are.

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